Chopstix Percussion

Chopstix Percussion (Delano Parade: July 4, 2009)

Chopstix (Delano Parade: July 4, 2009)

Bass Drummer (Grand Old Day Parade - June 7, 2009)

Chopstix (Grand Old Day Parade: June 7, 2009)


Chopstix Percussion is a marching drum line like no other. If you weave challenging music with stick tricks, crowd appeal, jokes, jumps, kicks, skips, slides, jams, dances, craziness, and fun together with a bunch of drummers wearing sunglasses, red Chuck Taylor® hi-tops, shorts, and throwing candy down a parade route then you might be getting close to what Chopstix Percussion is all about. Whether you’ve been a musician for weeks or for decades, Chopstix Percussion has something exceptional to offer everyone with a passion for performance.

Each year Chopstix performs in 10–15 parades in Minnesota and around the Midwest. Each year, Chopstix is seen by close to one-hundred thousand people through their live performances, television coverage, and competitions.

Chopstix is always searching for new members and support staff who want to be part of a successful organization. You will be part of a hard working team that strives for excellence within themselves and who expect the best effort from the organization. You will learn that friendship, responsibility and leadership are the essence of self-pride and success.

Chopstix Percussion Director

Kyle Hoffman ·