Top Chops Brass Line

Meeting the Crowd (Chanhassen Parade - 07.04.2008)

Meeting the Crowd (Chanhassen Parade - 7.4.2008)

Mellophones (2008 DCA Championships)

Mellophones (Chanhassen Parade - 7.4.2008)


Top Chops is a the brass section of Chops, Inc. Drum & Bugle Corps from Minneapolis, MN.

Top Chops Brass Line was established in 1994. The Coordinating staff consists of well rounded, experienced and talented instructors and members from top drum corps throughout the country.

This wailing group of horn players is the first to do what many thought could not be done…
a marching brass ensemble without the accompaniment of percussion.

Top Chops Brass Director

Andy Yaroch ·